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mar-icon1 Through our official partnership with Microsoft, we are permitted to afix Genuine Microsoft software on all the Personal Computers and laptops we refurbish...
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iso-icon1Quality and excellence define all ALFANET products and services, being the foundation of the company’s activity and the top of its strategic orientation...
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personnel-icon1The permanent staff of Alfanet S.A. consists of 50 highly qualified and educated people who work in our Technical, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing and Financial departments..
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Data erasure

We strive on excellence and your data information security is no exception. You can be assured that your data is safe in our hands.

We take your data and information security needs very seriously. That is why we use the industry leading data wiping software Blancco Data Cleaner, degaussing and data shredding technology to safeguard your data and assets prior to disposal.

Blancco is the world's most accredited data erasure solution and with millions of users on every continent, they are the preferred erasure choice of military, defense, police, banking and IT asset organizations around the world.

Hence we guarantee 100% data sanitization of all your IT assets, such as servers, PCs, HDDs, smartphones, flash drives and more. The data erasure solutions we use are completely secure. Once erased, the data cannot be recovered with any existing technology.

Please find below some of other key benefits for choosing Alfanet as your Data Erasure Partner:

  • Erase-Report-Audit (ERA) process
  • The fastest erasure process in the industry
  • Reports verify successful erasure
  • Internationally certified erasure standards


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