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Microsoft Refurbisher

mar-icon1 Through our official partnership with Microsoft, we are permitted to afix Genuine Microsoft software on all the Personal Computers and laptops we refurbish...
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iso-icon1Quality and excellence define all ALFANET products and services, being the foundation of the company’s activity and the top of its strategic orientation...
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personnel-icon1The permanent staff of Alfanet S.A. consists of 50 highly qualified and educated people who work in our Technical, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing and Financial departments..
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IT Recycling

We are one of the leading companies in Greece for PC disposal and IT Recycling, fully registered and licensed to handle all of your E-waste and Hardware Destruction needs.

Our services cover Computer Recycling, Hard Drive Destruction, laptop recycling, monitor disposal & full IT asset management. As part of the WEEE directive you have a corporate social responsibility to reduce your impact on the environment. Our service provides a simple and ethical recycling solution for Greek businesses and organizations nationwide.

At the same time, with customers that include Banks, Local Authorities, Corporate customers and Charities, we never underestimate the importance of the security of licensed software and customer data on systems passed to us for recycling. We use data-wiping software on disks that are re-used and reload a new Operating System, rendering recovery of previous data impossible.

What we do:

  • We purchase, or simply collect and dispose of, redundant computer hardware
  • We offer a free Collection Service
  • Our ‘Data Integrity / Protection Guarantee’ means that you don’t have to worry about any sensitive data becoming public
  • We issue a Destruction Certificate

How we do it:

  • Our trained and experienced staff sort incoming hardware to determine how it can best be recycled or re-used
  • Through our partners, metal and plastic case parts are recycled. We send CRT monitors to an authorized centre to undergo a process whereby contaminant metals, such as lead and cadmium, are extracted and then for the glass to be re-used in the manufacture of new monitors
  • Re-useable hardware is assembled into working systems for redistribution to schools & non-profit community projects 

Please call our IT recycling department on +30 2310 586 150 if you wish to find out whether your organization could benefit from our Computer Recycling program.


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