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mar-icon1 Through our official partnership with Microsoft, we are permitted to afix Genuine Microsoft software on all the Personal Computers and laptops we refurbish...
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iso-icon1Quality and excellence define all ALFANET products and services, being the foundation of the company’s activity and the top of its strategic orientation...
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personnel-icon1The permanent staff of Alfanet S.A. consists of 50 highly qualified and educated people who work in our Technical, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing and Financial departments..
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Refurbish Factory

Our Refurbish Factory Unit is responsible for refurbishing all laptops, notebooks and net-books from any brand, make or model. 

We offer to major IT brokers in the world unique hardware refurbishing solutions that make us the world’s leaders in the I.T hardware refurbishing market. We replace all plastic shell casing parts (bottom base, palmrest, touchpad, LCD bezel, LCD back plastic, keyboard, power button cover) on your laptops and make them look like new, starting from only 5€ per unit.

Our 8 step refurbishment process follows the highest industry standards in order to ensure that the end result will be as brand new:

STEP 1 = Receipt of Goods & 1st Diagnostic
STEP 2 = Component Replacement
STEP 3 = New Operating System
STEP 4 = Labeling Process
STEP 5 = Cleaning Process
STEP 6 = Repainting Process
STEP 7 = Quality Control
STEP 8 = Secure Packing

As a result, the end product looks and works absolutely like new.

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